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04:11"People say to you, ‘you’ve changed’, or something like that, well, I hope, for the sake of God that you have changed, because I don’t want to be the same person all my life. I want to be growing, I want to be expanding. I want to be changing. Because animate things change, inanimate things don’t change. Dead things don’t change. And the heart should be alive, it should be changing, it should be moving, it should be growing, its knowledge should be expanding." — Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
them0stbeautifuls0ul: Well this isn't really a question, I just wanted to say that i've been looking for a tumblr like yours for a long time, so thank you :)

Hi there! Aww that’s nice to hear. Hope my future posts can do your compliment justice and keep ya inspired. Thanks for the love!

maiscu: hii i was wondering what movie /post/37147883948 is? x

Australian movie called “The Black Balloon” :)